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woven basket holds pamper items: Himalaya pink salt toothpaste and toothbrush, Studio 1886 Legendary cologne spray, hair and body wash, all-in-one moisturizer, nourishing face mask, black bath pouf, nourishing lip balm, CBD multi balm stick (for dryness on skin areas); relax and indulge in goodies: cheese and sausage and crackers on cheese cutting board gift set, Peace (peach) tea, dark chocolate dried blueberries, (2) mini mustards. (If you choose to eliminate the cologne, the total will be reduced by $39 but must call to make alteration). NOTE: Standard $15 delivery fee for local delivery if ordered on website. Calls are preferable for more exact basket design and delivery fees. Call 704-471-0601

"Relax and Enjoy The Day"- for male

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