Large wicker basket contains lots of various chocolate products, i.e. artisan fudge cup, caramel fudge popcorn, chocolate peanuts, dark chocolate blueberries, (8) chocolate turtles in bag, white chocolate Reese's cups, choc cookies, cocoa, fudge coffee, chocolate spoon,candy pop popcorn, apple pie, HBD mug, HBD pillow pack which holds (3) different lip balms, lip balm flower topper, with 2 HBD balloons.

NOTE: Baskets are custom designed, so if you have specific requests, please call. Some products shown may need to be substituted based on availability.  NOTE: Standard $15 delivery fee for local delivery if ordered on website. Calls are preferable for more exact basket design and delivery fees. Call 704-471-0601  Balloons cannot be shipped.

Chocolate Birthday Basket with balloons